• The Discovery Session: A 40 minute session during which we discuss your health goals and challenges and review the assessment process which looks at your Nutri-system profile and Lifestyle profile. It covers all of your body systems functions, lifestyle habits, medical history, current food intake, food preferences, current challenges with adapting to a healthier lifestyle, eating/exercise habits, supplementation and medications etc.

Based on your assessment you will be provided with A Personalized Meal Plan and Supplement recommendation which is designed to help you achieve your personal health goals.

  • The Action plan: A 60 minute appointment during which I will walk you through your personalized 7-day meal plan and nutritional supplement recommendations. During this appointment, you will also be given all the tools and information you need to get started, e.g. shopping lists, recipes etc.

  • The Follow Ups: During the follow up, we will review your food diary, discuss strategies to overcome obstacles/ challenges, measure your weight and set goals for the following week and make necessary changes to the meal plan, as required. You'll learn about nutrition labels, seasonal local foods, navigating restaurant menus, etc.

    You can choose any of the following packages

  • 1 x month - min. 3 sessions booked

  • 2 x month - min. 6 sessions booked

  • + add on individual 30 min sessions as required

Offer nutritional workshops on a variety of nutritional topics depending on the group setting and interest. However, my special interest are in

  • Meal planning and Prepping

  • Educating families on the importance of eating real wholesome meals and navigating a healthy conversation around food in the home

  • Incorporating new ingredients and experimenting with spices and herbs,

  • Mindful eating vs restricting to achieve healthy sustainable weight goals

There are various settings in which these workshops can be delivered;

  • In-Home Family workshops

  • Schools and Educational settings

  • Corporate

  • Training studios and various Health clinics

  • Small special interest group settings

Kitchen parties/cooking classes are the best setting to get people comfortable around food, experimenting with new ingredients and being able to re-create the magic of community as food has always meant to be.

If you have a small group of friends or family that wants to learn and get comfortable in their kitchen skills and cooking with new ingredients, this is a fun way to create an intimate setting and dish out some creative appetizing food together.



I would love to collaborate with like minded organizations to promote a sustainable, local, natural way of eating and living as well as host educational workshops and seminars for schools and corporates.